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v. 5/2/2009

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The objectives of the dropdata pages are:

  • To provide public domain resource centre for information on the application of chemical and biological pesticides
  • To develop linkages between institutions and individuals, interested in the optimisation rather than the promotion of pesticide use, through more efficient application techniques
  • Provide a means of exchange, for data and ideas, consistent with the above

We seek collaboration and hope to develop further a network of scientists and practitioners with similar interests.

DropData application pages currently provide information on the following:

Sprayer calibration

Often relatively straightforward measures, such as fitting appropriate nozzles and calibration of existing spraying equipment, can make substantial improvements to the efficiency of application. Here, two CATIE scientists (Eduardo Hildalgo and Adolfo Martínez) are assessing the emitted flow rate (amount per minute) of a biopesticide to a rotary ‘Micronex’ nozzle fitted to a Stihl motorised mistblower.

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